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Life Members

Julie Johnson, Rhonda Brown, Kath Bailey, Billie Atkins, Donna Jackson, Dianne Summers, Lyn Rednianko,

Kim Riley, Vicki O'Neal , Linda Peters

Office Bearers

President - Kim Riley

Vice President - Jodi Elmer

Secretary - Tammy Spanton

Assistant Secretary - Amanda Gibson

Treasurer - Lyn Rednianko

Assistant Treasurer - Stacie-Lee Bulk

Public Officer - Lyn Rednianko

Chairperson - Rosemary Wenn

Committee Members 

 Alex Peters, Ashlee Mitchell, Caroline Thain, Dianne Summers, Donna Jackson, Emily Argent, Emily Hyland, Emma Harradine, Hayley Riley, Helen Foley, Jordan Dearsley, Julie Argent, Leah Carr, Leanne Turner, Linda Peters, Mary Webb, Melinda Fleming, Mel Grey, Narelle Preece, Rebecca Gurr, Rhonda Brown, Sharon Cashion, Tania Wiltshire, Theressa Watchorn, Tracey Saltmarsh

If you are interested in joining our hard working, dedicated Committee, please contact the Secretary at for further information.

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