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Rules for Launceston Festival of dance 2024



Teachers and Parents should be aware that there will be significant changes to the running of the Launceston Festival of Dance and will comply with the directions made under S16 of the Public Health Act (1997) (Tas). The Launceston Festival of Dance will adhere to all COVID-19 requirements set out by Work Safe Tasmania and Public Health Services and as required by the Public Health Act 1997 (Tas) including all Directions made thereunder, and any other legislative and legal requirements.



  1. Competitors, teachers, parents or ticket holders are not permitted inside the venue if they are unwell, especially if they are presenting with cold or flu like symptoms.

  2. Hand sanitising stations will be set up throughout the venue for individuals to use when entering and exiting the venue.

  3. The Launceston Festival of Dance reserves the right to amend or cancel the event at any time in order to comply with Public Health Advice, Government restrictions and/or the requirements of the venue. 







1.1  AMATEURS – The Festival is open to amateurs only (except where otherwise specified). An amateur shall mean a competitor whose regular income basis is not derived from the exercise of talent in the particular class for which entry is made. 


(a) Competitors who have not received 1st or 2nd placing in type of genre section entered at any competition. 


(b) Restricted competitors cannot enter championships, broadway, speed tap or slow/slow waltz tap sections, within that genre. 


(c) Competitors may stay in restricted sections for current season (i.e. 1st January to 31st December) regardless of placing gained during the season at other competitions.


(d) Restricted sections does not include competitors who have won prizes in under 6 years.


(e) Competitors can return from straight age sections after not receiving a 1st or 2nd placing within 3 years.


1.3  OPEN SECTIONS – Open means competitors either professional or amateur.  Teachers must enter open sections and remain open and not return to straight age sections.  

1.4  AGE – Ages are taken as of 1 January of current Festival season.

1.5  GENRES – All dancing sections are grouped in genres.  Competitors may not enter in more than one section in any genre. 

1.6  COMPETING – A competitor may compete only once in any genre entered whether as a soloist or a member of a duo/trio or group.

1.7  CHAMPIONSHIPS – Can only be entered by competitors who have placed 1st, or 2nd in the relevant genre, in the 2 years prior to entering the championship section (excluding restricted ).  Competitors must return to straight age sections after not receiving a place in 2 years 1st, 2nd, 3rd . Qualiyfying placings must be received at a Tasmanian dancing competition. This includes Southern Tasmania Dancing Eisteddfod, Burnie City Eisteddfod, City of Devonport Eisteddfod, Launceston Competition Association, and the Launceston Festival Of Dance. 

1.8  SPLIT SECTIONS – A section may be split if entries are excessive.

1.9   INSUFFICIENT ENTRIES – The Committee reserves the right, if there are insufficient entries in any section, to join these with the next age group.

1.10 PROMPTING – No prompting or assistance of any kind may be rendered to a competitor in any section during a performance.  Any infringement of this will render the competitor liable for disqualification.

1.11 ADDRESSING THE AUDIENCE – No competitor shall address the audience from the stage during a section, except where such address is intrinsic to the performance.  Any competitor violating this condition will be liable for disqualification.

1.12 REPEATING ITEMS – A competitor must not use the same item more than once during the Festival season.

1.13 CURTAIN – In Tap, Jazz, Classical, National and Song & Dance solos, duo/trios, no front curtain to be used. Curtain may be used to set props for Champion sections and Character solos / duos / trios only.  Curtain will be used for all groups.

1.14 BACKSTAGE – Admission to side stage is by PASS ONLY and must be worn at all times (available from the Committee Office).  There is to be no standing in wings (teacher/assistant of competitor on stage only permitted in the wings).  No dancing school tops/advertising to be worn on stage area  -  preferably black clothing only.

1.15 Venue Auditorium - STRICTLY:- NO FILMING / NO VIDEOING / NO PHOTOS / NO PHONE CALLS.  Offenders will be asked to leave the Venue.  Please be courteous and obey these rules - texting between sessions is permitted (i.e. when no competitors on stage).  Children under the age of 12, are permitted to sit in the back row of the Venue with electronic devices.  Devices must either be on silent mode or used with headphones.

1.16 COPYRIGHT – The Launceston Festival of Dance Inc. holds a OneMusic Australia Licence and will not be liable for any infringement of copyright.  Individual competitors/teachers are responsible for royalty payments.  Where necessary appropriate permission or licence for the making of recordings of Copyright music works, must be obtained where these recordings are used as a backing for their Festival of Dance performance.

1.17 ERRORS – All care has been taken in the compilation of the Program and the Committee reserves the right to rectify any errors. 

1.18 MARKS – Marks are not recorded on critique sheets.

1.19 GROUPS – A group must consist of a minimum of 4 competitors.

1.20 LIGHTING – Lighting only available in Evening Sessions (unless at the discretion of the Committee). Requests for lighting must be lodged at the Registration Desk before 5:00pm. The Committee will not be responsible for receipt of lighting forms after this time.  Visual effects, other than lighting, will be at the competitors cost and subject to availability.  These requests are to be directed to the Venue Technician, 24 hours prior to performance.



2.     ENTRIES


2.1  ENTRY CORRECTNESS – Please check your entry forms for correctness. Strictly NO SECTION CHANGES are permitted after the closing date. 

2.2  ENTRIES – a separate entry must be made and include all the sections on the one entry for each competitor.  TEACHERS: DO NOT put students on your group entry form. Separate entries must be made for each student or family.

2.3  ENTRY DATE – Entries must be submitted online on the official entry form by the due date. Payment for entries is by credit card only at the time of entry. 

2.4  AGE – The competitor's age must be as of 1st January of the current year, this shall be deemed the age required in the Section specifying age limits. Competitors must be prepared to produce a Certificate of Birth if required to do so.

2.5  NON ENTRIES – Competitors presenting to compete in any section not entered in, will not be permitted to perform.

2.6  COMPETITORS NAME – All competitors must state correct name, address and date of birth on the entry form, including duo / trio partner name and their date of birth.

2.7  NON ACCEPTANCE - The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry or refund any entry monies.  

2.8  DUOS/TRIOS and GROUPS - Names and date of birth of all members must be stated on the entry form. No competitor may compete more than once in these sections. 

2.9 WITHDRAWALS – Competitors are requested to notify the Secretary of any withdrawals as soon as possible.  Entry fees are non-refundable.





3.1  CO-ADJUDICATORS – The Committee reserves the right to appoint a co-adjudicator or assistant, or substitute an adjudicator when necessary.

3.2  COMPLIANCE – The decision as to whether or not an item performed by a competitor complies with the genre, will be at the discretion of the Adjudicator.

3.3  COMMUNICATION – Communication with the Adjudicators either by competitors, teachers, parents or other interested parties during the Festival is prohibited.

3.4  CRITIQUE - A detailed critique sheet will be provided for competitors in each section by the Adjudicator.  Any placing (no marks) will be placed on this sheet and may be obtained from the Committee's Office at the end of each section.

3.5  PRIZES – The Adjudicator has the right to select or withhold any prize.

3.6  SOUND LEVEL – The Adjudicator has the right to control the level of any amplified sound in the Venue.





4.1  INSURANCE – The Committee requires all competitors (individuals and groups) to be responsible for adequately insuring themselves against personal injury arising out of participation in the Festival.  The Launceston Festival of Dance (Inc) is insured for public liability, which does not comprehensively cover injury to performers while they are on the premises or performing on stage.  Entry into the competition is therefore at your own risk.  Teachers and Parents are responsible for their own first aid equipment.

4.2  PERFORMANCES – are restricted to the Stage Area only and should be designed to be safe for the performer, audience and venue staff. 

4.3  WEARING OF TIGHTS / HOSIERY - Hosiery must be worn by all female competitors in all performances or the competitor will not be eligible to perform.  Hosiery can be footed, footless, stirrup, knee or mid-thigh length.





5.1  NUMBERS – Competitors places will be numbered and the order of appearance shown in the official program. Competitors must compete in order of appearance, unless approved by the Stage Manager.

5.2  PUNCTUALITY – Competitors who are not present when called upon are liable for disqualification.

5.3  BEHAVIOUR – The Committee expects behaviour of competitors and the audience to be appropriate to the occasion.  Offenders may be removed from the Venue.

5.4  REHEARSALS – No rehearsal or practice is permitted on stage during the Festival.  Any competitor not observing these conditions will be disqualified.

5.5  RESTARTS – Any competitor who is unable to perform their routine due to the fault of the Festival Committee, faulty equipment or accident beyond reasonable control, will be allowed to restart their routine (once only) and be adjudicated normally without penalty.  Any competitor in a restricted section or any competitor aged under 13 who leaves the stage as a result of having forgotten their routine, will also be allowed to restart their routine (once only). 





6.1  ELECTRONIC RECORDING DEVICES – The use of any form of electronic device for recording purposes by members of the audience during performances is strictly prohibited.  Offenders will be removed from the Venue and recordings deleted.  Pagers and phones must be turned on silent mode during all performances.  Please be courteous and obey these rules - texting between sessions is permitted (i.e. when no competitors are on stage).  Children under the age of 12 are permitted to sit in the back row of the Venue with electronic devices.  Devices must either be on silent mode or used with headphones.

6.2  PHOTOS – a professional photographer will be available for ‘action shots’ at a reasonable cost.  A professional videographer will be available to video solos, duos and trios. Please indicate on your entry if you DO NOT wish the local media or our advertising photos to be displayed.  In groups it is the responsibility of teachers to obtain this information before entering their groups.

6.3  PROTESTS – Protests on any section must be in writing, signed and lodged with the Secretary  at the conclusion of the relevant section and prior to the commencement of the following session, together with a lodgement fee of $50.00.

6.4  JINGLE TAPS – are not permitted.  Competitors in Champion Tap solo sections will have their shoes checked by the Stage Manager.  Other tap sections will be checked at random.

6.5  STAGE EFFECTS – bales of hay, straw, lit candles, sparklers, lit cigarettes or any naked flames are NOT permitted.  Balloons or any inflatable objects are to be weighted or attached and are not permitted to be released on stage.  Approved smoke or fog effects are permitted in appropriate sections, with prior approval by the Venue Technician.

6.6  MUSIC – iPod / iPad and USB connections  are available for performances.   If a competitors’ teacher is unavailable, competitors must report to the Registration Desk prior to the start of the section with their music ( competitor's name, number and section clearly labelled.)

6.7  ROSIN – Rosin is strictly prohibited.  Competitors found using rosin will be disqualified.

6.8  ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT – All electrical equipment brought into the Venue must be ‘tagged and tested’ by a qualified electrician.

6.9  DRESSING ROOMS – Areas are allocated by the Committee, competitors and teachers are responsible for maintenance and cleanliness, any damages or extra cleaning incurred will be charged to the school concerned.  No changing is permitted in the toilets.



7.     PRIZES


7.1  PRIZES – Trophies and medals for sections are available from the Committee Office after each section.  All other prizes and special awards are given at the final trophy presentation night.  

7.2  MEDALS and RIBBONS – Unless otherwise stated, all solo and duo/trio sections, medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and a ribbon for Highly Commended.  These may also be purchased by competitors if awarded a place in group sections.

7.3  MERIT CERTIFICATES – are available for purchase in all sections from the Committee Office.

7.4  AGGREGATE POINTS -1st place 4 points:  2nd place 3 points:  3rd place 2 points:  Highly Commended 1 point.

7.5  PERPETUAL TROPHIES – Will be held by the winner for 11 months and must be returned to the Committee Office on or before opening night.  All holders of trophies will be held responsible for their safe custody and returned in good condition.  Engraving and maintenance of trophies is at your own expense.  Perpetual trophies must not be taken out of Tasmania.

7.6  TROPHIES – The Committee reserves the right to present any trophies donated after the printing of the program.



8.     SAFETY


8.1  INJURIES - The Stage Manager or Adjudicator has the right to stop any item if they are of the opinion a competitor has suffered an injury or there is a possible risk of serious injury.  Items stopped may be repeated and adjudicated at an appropriate time, subject to the approval of the Adjudicator and Stage Manager.

8.2  MINOR ACCIDENTS – Minor accidents which occur due to faulty property, choreography, or costume design are not necessarily a reason for a stop or restart of an item.  Only the ultimate safety of the Competitor is to be considered.

8.3  PATRONS – all patrons must observe directions or instructions given by the Venue Personnel, Launceston Festival of Dance (inc) Officer, and Fire Wardens.



9.     PROPS  


9.1  PROPS/BACKDROPS & SCENIC ITEMS – Items should be kept to a minimum. There is no storage facilities at the venue.  All items should be labelled (either Dancing School or Competitors details).  All items must be removed from the stage area after use and not stored backstage. Please ensure that you are available to assist Venue Staff when requesting removal or delivery of props. Launceston Festival of Dance do NOT take any responsibility for lost or damaged props/equipment.

9.2  SCENERY BACKDROPS – may be hung from battens prior to the session by arrangements with the Venue Technician.  

9.3  RESPONSIBILITY – The Committee will not be responsible for stage property not claimed on the day or after the performance.



10.   GENRES


10.1  BALLET – Ballet shall be based on classical techniques.  In solos, short ballet tutus to be worn by female competitors.

10.2  DEMI-CHARACTER – a portrayal of a character or story by acting ability and expressive dancing using classical techniques.  Must not contain vocal or narrative in music.

10.3  NATIONAL – A theatrically choreographed presentation of a folk or traditional dance.  Dance costume and music should be authentic of the country portrayed.

10.4  MODERN / CONTEMPORARY – Shall include Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical and Neo-classical creative styles. 

10.5  BROADWAY JAZZ – Routine is theatrical in nature and is choreographed to music from a Broadway Show. Singing is not permitted.

10.6  SONG &  TAP and SONG & DANCE – Any style may be used, all competitors must sing and dance.

10.7  JAZZ – Shall include Jazz, Disco, Cabaret, Funk and Musical Comedy (Musical Theatre) styles.  

10.8  CHAMPION GROUP – Any form of dance.  No vocals or narratives by any competitor within the Group.

10.9  SPECIAL STAGE PRESENTATION – Dancing, singing, calisthenics, physical culture or any other feature may be introduced.  Maximum time 30 minutes including setting and striking stage.  May not use vocal backing whilst singing.  No lip syncing or miming of vocals by any competitor within the Group.  A deposit of $400.00 is required with entry – redeemable upon appearance.

10.10 KICKING GROUPS – All kicks must be from the hip. Open, 100 kicks (minimum); Under 16 years, 80 kicks (minimum); Under 13 years, 60 kicks (minimum); Under 10 years, 40 kicks (minimum).  Failure to comply will mean disqualification.


10.11 NON COMPETITIVE GROUPS (Under 6) – May not appear in any other group sections.

10.12 NON COMPETITIVE (Dance Abilities) - Competitors entered into the Dance Abilities (Special Needs Performers) section may not appear in any other section (solos, duos/trios or groups).





11.1 PERFORMANCE TIME – is taken from the start of correct music until the end of the music or when the competitor leaves the stage (whichever occurs first). Time limits for each section can be found on our website here

11.2 OVERTIME – Overtime will be strictly enforced.  Any routine running overtime by 10 seconds or more will be charged a $50 fine.

11.3 PREPARATION TIME – time allowed to prepare the stage is strictly limited.

11.4 SESSION STARTING TIMES – 8:30am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm and 7:30pm unless otherwise stated.





12.1 FINAL DECISION – The decision of the Committee, in all conditions shall be final.

12.2 GENERAL CONDITIONS – Failure to comply with any general condition, for any section may involve disqualification and/or the withholding of prize money by the Committee, which shall not be subject to any appeal.

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